Lewd And Obscene

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Imagine if Urbandictionary and Balderdash had a one night stand and the condom broke, Lewd and Obscene is what would be conceived. Lewd and Obscene is the most out of control party game for adults. You will have hours of fun and find out a lot about your friends by the end of the night. 

It begins by a player choosing a card and reading the word out loud. Other players then make up definitions that will try to convince other players that their definition is the correct one. The player who chose the card writes down the real definition. Once all players write down their definitions, the slips are handed in and read aloud. The player who picked the card, reads all the definitions and then voting follows. If you vote for the correct definition, you receive a point. For every vote your definition receives, you will receive points.

The game consists of:
  • 195 Predetermined cards
  • 5 Blank cards
  • 8 LAO pencils
  • 8 Definition Pads
  • 1 Scorepad